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CEO’s Letter

No.1 Customer Service

Specialised Derivatives Products Trading Company

Welcome to the Eugene Investment & Futures Website!

Eugene Investment & Futures was established in 1991 and with strong customer love and support has grown into a Specialised Derivatives Product Company. Key services offered to clients include brokerage services within the domestic futures, global commodities and financial futures.

A derivatives product trading has been an alternative investment philosophy in response to the low interest rate and low economic growth environment. This market is rapidly expanding beyond the domestic market and offers investments for Institutional and Retail investors.

Eugene Investment & Futures is focused on driving services to allow customers to invest within the Derivatives market. This is supported through the investment of a convenient and stable trading platform and professional staff to handle customer requests accurately and in a timely manner.

Eugene Investment & Futures promises to be a highly respected for customers today and for the future.

Thank you very much.

Eugene Investment & Futures
President & CEO Soo Koo Lee

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